Just like the waterfall overflows into the sea, so will my words fill the world.

Passion fruit is a representation of everything good engulfed in one. It is a flow of beautiful words from a place of shaded green or brown. Passion fruit seeks to break through impenetrable, untraversable areas through the use of prose and poetry to suck out hidden nectars that beautify life. I seek to use a unique pattern, in simple articulation accessible to all audience, nothing less of my personality – i plan to laugh with my audience, to cry with them, to dream with them, to discover with them, invent with them, to travel with them, to play with them, to goofy with them, to dress-up with them, to fight with them, to annoy them, to be nerdy with them, to be weird with them, to be flawed with them, to fear with them, to be insecure with them, and above all to LOVE with them.

What Kindled It’s Creation

My write-ups are governed by sheer passion, and a Divine Calling to be what i was created to be. I woke up some day, knowing I was born to talk to the world in my own language. I was born a word geek for a reason. To break the plastic-hard back fruit of life and reveal its seeds that make juice ever so sweet – The birth of Passion, the passion to Joyfully live.

Connect With The Community

Passion Fruit will talk to you and equally listen to you. Let us share within and between ourselves – Let’s let ourselves be seeded, the bad seeds, the good seeds, all of us, and when we are ripe enough, what was bad and couldn’t push through the soil will stay right back so only good is born. Let us not be afraid to crack open and pour out our productive outcome – Passion Fruit.