Why “ChaCha”?

You know what a gift is? Something living inside of you. It is that moment you are a word geek and sounds literally echo in your head and form words. You look it up, and they actually exist & sync with context. I would say that about the word “ChaCha”. I had my idea together and I wanted to settle for a name, a funky one. It popped up, I looked it up and it read: an informal way in India to distinguish an uncle who is of blood lineage. That! Because we are all relatives, we are all Adam’s Babies, we are globally ONE in this world, called to serve one another.

Sharing is Caring, and Caring is Loving. Today is an inauguration of our own Hall of Fame, for everyone. Let us inspire, Let us Let it Out, Chacha!


‘LET it OUT, ChaCha’ gives anyone and everyone a voice. The past years, writing and reading, this side of the continent has often been stereotyped as boring, time consuming and strenuous. But isn’t it quite impressive we notice the other side of the world has widely embraced reading as not only of cultural but universal value. Every actor, actress, engineer, doctor, singer, astronaut, socialite is striving to be author. The big question is WHY?
Passion Fruit is here to answer you. Authorship qualifies our sphere of dominion. When we Speak verbally, we are mostly controlled by our present emotion. It doesn’t actually convey all of what we got to say. Writing is the most reflective and effective way of passing on a message. We are given an opportunity to say it as it was, and is. We control our narrative. We can be uncensored, edited, we do it our way. Sometimes I am so ready to talk and then I will, and then I go back, and remember there’s this point I left out which makes more sense. Then I Jot it down, because writing is ultimate.
‘LET it OUT, ChaCha’, is a unique opportunity to let out anger, to let out depression, to spread goodwill, to share success, to motivate and be motivated, to inspire & be inspired, to teach others and to learn from others, to leave a legacy, to be remembered, to leave a mark, to impact lives. It is our duty, every individual’s, to take care of, nurture & love the other. .
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