There is nothing compared to the LIGHT that emanates from a gathering of two or more. This episode, Passion Fruit left its Dom and paid homage to other Doms and immediately learnt from them what has been their bricks, layers and paints, all that constituted the quality of them that they had built. Men and Women from different spheres of life, came together to share a little bit of their thoughts, aspirations, fears, and dreams for the benefit of their community and the world. We hail them. See below all they had to say:

GISELE BUMAH: If we truly stop looking, we will see the realities of mental  health issues in our homes and society.


STACY ACHIDIi: Life is beautiful, life is sweet. Let nobody tell you otherwise! The day you will lay on that bed helpless, not able to move; on that day, you will see your life flash before your eyes and wish you did things differently. No regrets. Have fun till you can’t breathe. I’m an advocate for enjoyment. ahahahahaha


EMELDA ATABONG: Cooking is the only way I can be myself, where I can be creative in a thousand ways without following another person’s instructions. At work I follow instructions, at school i follow lead too, but in my CUISINE, I wake up every day and create whatever comes to my mind, I call it My Cooking Therapy. I believe we all have a sphere where we lead, find it and make the best of it.


JITTO: You said I destroyed you but you made me what I was and what I am. 


CHALLY: God takes us through his ways to remove from our lives the spirit of criticism and judgement so as to make us helpers and encouragers and not spiritual policemen .

EMMA FONCHO: The world is a jungle, everyone fighting for survival. Some with excess still scrambling for more and those with little, well. Sometimes I wonder: Were we, humans, better at the beginning of time? Or have we evolved with the world into crueler creatures? Clawing over each other to harvest the best life has to offer? If I had a magic canvas I would paint a different picture. One where our wicked and greedy instincts were close to inexistent, and love and compassion abounded. Alas!!! I am no magician and I can only paint my own thoughts.

SANDY TANTOH: Humility is perceived the same way as a mother using the grinding stone and arrogance is seen or felt thesame way as a beautiful wife with empty brain using the blender.



ALVINE: Love Quote Of The Day

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

JOYCE NDEH EBAI:  Fears –  Fear is a natural feeling which I know as a human being comes naturally. And because I have that understanding that it is a natural feeling that comes because I am a human being and not a supreme being, it doesn’t affect me. In otherwards, I am not AFRAID or I do not FEAR anything. I Resist it. Fear and Faith are both invisible. The only difference between them is One focuses on the negative which brings negative results and the other Positive which brings Positive Results. So in effect, because of my Religious Belief as a Christian I am not afraid of anything and I have no Fears. And because I don’t want negative results I have to walk in faith rather than fear. Hence no Fear as : 2 Tim 1:7 says – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”.


ANNIE CIDJEU: “I realized something; when our neighbors, our loved ones, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our kids cry, it breaks our heart, it makes us sad and brings down our countenance. But there is a cry from someone special that causes joy, check it out; the cry of a new born baby. “

EMILY MIKI: One of my very promising girls in my program to empower young girls is pregnant at the age of 18.


EUNICE UFEI: I am Eunice Ufei. I am an African. I have 4C hair type. I won’t trade my skin color neither will I trade my hair texture for anything in the world. I won’t permanently hide my hair with wigs and human hair that do not portray who truly I am. I am proud of my roots. I am proud of Africa. I represent the black strong woman.

SLY J: African Men always want ladies to look good for them; being slim with flat tummies yet they walk around comfortably with their pot bellies.  I have my man working out his ass everyday in the gym to bring down that pot belly. It’s not all about looking sexy, it’s healthy to be fit. Me and you no be friend oh. Do I even know you, I don vent go me.

TERENCE CHO: Healthy relationships, valuing the Little things, showing more compassion.

LAURA NDAYONG:To share my story, how suddenly at some point in my life, I used to bodyshame myself, and look at myself through the compliments of others. It was a long journey before self-love came knocking.


YVONNE ARUNG ETAH: Don’t borrow money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need to impress people who don’t CARE.


CHARLOTTE BETECKE: At the end we all have the same fate. No matter our status’ , level of education etc …


SAJ: I always tried to change HIM. I complained a lot. We loved each other. I showed him so much love by caring, understanding, respecting, devoting,validating and reassuring and while I was expecting the same from him all he gave me was trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval and encouragement. Everyone who listened to us complain we love each other but something is not right will say 

“ohh please stop complaining”.

And then one day a friend of mine said : hey have your read the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ” ? I was like “no”, she says ,”download it now!” And I did. This book saved my relationship. I learnt that these were all signs of love but there was something wrong about them.They were not given in the right way. He gave me that kind of love because in a MAN’S world that’s their primary love need and I loved him like that coz in a woman ‘s world that’s what we need. So I did the following; I practised trusting him and automatically he started showing me care. I accepted him for who he was and he started understanding me.I appreciated him and he gave me respect. I admired everything he did and he started making my needs a priority i.e Devotion. I let him be my hero, adopted an approving attitude and he gave me validation. Because he repeatedly cared,understood ,respected ,validated and was devoted to me, I felt reassured because I knew I was continually loved. The lesson here is – The best comes out of us when our primary love needs are fulfilled. Because when we don’t know what he  primarily needs,we give a caring love instead of a trusting love which may unknowingly destroy our relationships. (true story)

MANIH KHURDE: Staying focused and enduring the journey inspite of thousands of hurdles to leap over. Unswerving love, along with raising a child, is the noblest of legacy anyone can aspire to..

JOY CHEFU: Depression is real


LIZZY NGENUE: I think I’m a feminist at heart but lack the courage to be on the frontline like the other sisters.


REANA KISS: Se tromper de chemin parfois nous permet d’en decouvrir de bien meilleurs

TRANSLATION: Failing, being disappointed sometimes allows us to discover even better.

LORNA SWIRRI: (Chic Medic) It is never too late. One of the greatest illusions in life and barriers to success and personal achievements is the belief that it’s too late to start or do-over; for years later, you will embrace your biggest fear. Regret!!!




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