I stumbled on ‘Ekwang’ and what it taught me?!!!!

So when I dared stop sipping on my Jus De Passion, I stumbled on ‘Ekwang’ and what it taught me?!!!! … Then I knew there’s nothing cool about middling … BE YOUR OWN AUDACIOUS

First it was the “Traditional Kwacoco which introduced banana leaves. Then “Ekwang” comes up in its own originality – I am originally Cocoyam Paste but there should be more to this palm oil, onions, fish you plan sticking in. I am my best wrapped up in my very own leaves. True I might cause itches on your jawlines, but if you cook me too well, you won’t regret your results.

Then ‘Ekwang’ stood out … Cocoyam paste wrapped in its own leaves…

We can all be the ‘ekwangs’ of our lives. Everything lies in you, with you, within you, around you …Use it! Wrap yourself in it. But I know, expressing ourselves to the maximum is a very scary thought already to behold— heyyy, unknown results, disapproving outcomes – what if we embarrass ourselves, fear of rejection, fear of bearing the weight of our true calling, fear of disappointments, fear of naysayers, fear to vent. Hmmmm, I’v been there once so often, I cannot even keep count! But the truth is in being intrepid, your authenticity skyrockets. Of course there may be hurdles to overcome but they are never bigger than the satisfaction or outcome of what we dared do!

We cannot spend time convincing ourselves we are all unique and different, and at the same time think we can challenge that by a middle-in-the-road attitude!

Of course we are unique because our purposes live in us and the only way we can live in it is standing out. You have to want to excel above the ordinary in anything you are called to do, nothing is less or bigger than another’s. Have the audacity to do your crazy, be adventurous, be intentionally good.

If being on the main road is claustrophobic, stand out on the sidewalk.

And Here I mean those friends, family members, associates, experiences, jobs that will convince you settling for mediocrity is safe and dope. Don’t listen, push your buttons!!

‘Ekwang’ made its difference with Cocoyam leaves, Pepperoni did its with Pepper, Dough did its with baking powder … You got provisions, Have that Audacity!

“INDOMITABLE” is the word, Passionistas!


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