While He shovels the snow, skii through but try to keep your balance and support yourself.

– Better Unpredictable –

When God created, you can call it the Greater Force but I call Him my God, when he created us all, He made a point not to reveal the next day or the next or the next. No day is same, there’s always a slight change. It begins from waking up from bed. Nobody can testify to waking up on the exact same spot as the previous day…shift in cms be it 00000.1 but never same. That is proof it’s a new day. You can insist on same routine and same mood but you cannot convince me your walking strides or your postures remain same.

This brings me to the point, no matter what you do, your yesterday will never be same, as your present day or your next. This seems bland but I think I found the core of our existence in this presumed insignificant principle. So in effect, we can either choose to take longer strides or wider postures each day or we make them shorter and less contained – meaning every day is an opportunity to be a better you or a lesser you- you choose. And it’s not all about an imaginary opportunity waiting for you, somewhere. It’s more about creating your own opportunities and expanding them every other day. Life taught me, all I got to do is, bring to the table the idea, passion, and words of fire and ice binding it and there would be no holding back:

Because we GOT IT IN US!

Life doesn’t wait for nobody, its either you learn how to make bread, or you suffer the day the baker retires for rest!And it even gets better when we forget about doing it for ourselves but for a greater cause. You free yourself of any particular pressure to be better than A or B, constantly proving yourself, conspiracy or rivalry hence birthing a customary you – that is the winner mentality.

It is needless re-iterating life is unpredictable, or the hands of destiny bla bla bla; those are unignorable clichés, I agree. We can build today and hurricane Anti- Passionistas brings it down, truth. We can build strong walls and just a mere puff from some ‘Dragon’ brings it crashing. But you got to wake up and do it again! Predictable is, the next time you do, those walls will only get taller, stronger and better. We cannot cross feet and wait entirely on destiny. Truth is, the day we meet, destiny validates our scroll of activities before shaking hands of acknowledgement.

Above all never undermine the underlying force that holds us together, God. In all, only God knows our tomorrow, it’s needless beating around the bush trying to get to know. Do your part! While He shovels the snow, skii through but try to keep your balance and support yourself. You got work too, to do, you know!

GOT In You, my Passionistas (Game of Thrones inspired)


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