Grandson of one of the most prominent names in Cameroonian History, Ndeh Ntumazah, Napoleon is following suit, making a name if not in the political arena, but yet in the entertainment world. Just like all dreams, listening to mere radio voices in his very youthful age, reawakened his calling. And he has not stopped since then. A journey of a thousand miles we will say – from Radio Afrique Nouvelle to Buea, now resided in the United Kingdom, let us listen to his story and learn new things of him from the more vulnerable side. Love, Passion, Dreams…. on Passion Fruit:

Passion Fruit: Le Blonde Noir on our Platform ce soir !
It truly is Festive outchea!
Passion Fruit: We cannot pretend we do not know you, Passion Fruit does. But we cannot pretend knowing all of you too. 
A showcase of your talent began above a decade ago at what was then a small town party, which was the product of a brotherhood. What did the SCHOOL OF HARDKNOCKS MEAN TO YOU THEN?

Napoleon: Hahahahha…. hello readers of Passion Fruit, it’s a pleasure being on the Passion Fruit Platform and I wish to thank the Passion Fruit team for bringing me on board on this special edition. It’s a pleasure and I appreciate what you guys are doing for our culture and I hope with people like you on board, our culture will be exhibited all round the world. School of HARD KNOCKS (SOHK) as you rightly said is BROTHERHOOD. It’s a group that existed before I made my way to Buea, & to be honest with you guys, was some sort of a turning point in my career because before going to buea I was in Bamenda where I was doing radio animation, hosting at clubs and parties, limited with no particular exposure, but SOHK expanded my platform & exposure, nationwide. My talent was accepted and recognized not only by my anglophone people but trended right over to the French speaking zones. And apart from that, we are a family, we spent very wonderful moments together. It’s unfortunate that we are scattered all around the world, now. But our bond and union still remains. We love each other so much. Our president, Sisi (Nkongho Elvis) is resided in the U.S.A alongside Coolio (Felix Okoye), Marvin Slim (Marvin Mvondo, CEO and president of BLU NATION PRODUCTION INC) and a host of other members. I’m resided in England with Bawa (Ferdinand Bisong) & Bucho (Khan Penn). But so far so good, SOHK was a turning point in my career. A wonderful brotherhood family, the love and passion is there, and it’s going to be same forever. We looking forward to a reunion soon in Cameroon, where we will sit and talk about all the great moments, all the bad moments we experienced together during our university days.

Passion Fruit: Would you say you owe a little of your present to that era or is there some other experience attached?

Napoleon: The other external factor that made me believe in what I do, as a matter of fact, I started as a Presenter before being one of the most renowned Cameroonian Event Organizers in the diaspora. As far as presenting is concerned, that’s where it all began, you know. I would talk of Blanche Champs Hoseé, a famous Radio Animator back in Bamenda in the late 90’s, he was working at the Radio “Afrique Nouvelle” back then with Frederick Takang, presently a reporter at BBC Africa. Those are the people that made me find my X factor. Listening to them every morning on the radio, I was like wowwwww, can I do what these guys are doing?! Not even knowing I had that talent you know. And fortunately for me, they launched the HOLIDAY FORUM on Radio Afrique Nouvelle. They called up everyone who loved journalism to come exhibit their talent, and I got to meet these idols of mine back then.. they guided me, adviced me, you know, and that’s how it started. From holiday forum to presenting parties in nightclubs and from there to hosting one of the biggest french radio programs apart from the pidgin news in Bamenda with over one million listeners a day. The biggest program 10am to Midday on Radio Hot Cocoa, that’s the journey, those are the people who motivated me, Frederick, Blanche & I am so grateful for what they did to me. Yeah and after that I moved to Buea which was another turning point because with the SOHK family, I learnt so much aside presenting. I learnt the organizational part of it, bringing people together, organizing stuff, parties. So that’s it.

Passion Fruit: Now to present, Alexander Song, Dj Arafat just to name a few. From Ntumazah Hill to London West and we are now international, tell us a little about this job? How do we identify you – Disc Jockey, Animateur, Hypeman, Host…? What about it attracts these crowd?

Napoleon: I always say: VALUE MEETS VALUE & VALUE APPRECIATES VALUE. You know, to meet the best, you have to be the best in what you do. giggles Haha haha as simple as that isn’t it?! Today I may say, I meet with top personalities, renowned personalities around the world due to two aspects. One aspect is about doing my job very well and the other aspect is the business part of it. People like DJ Arafat comprise of the business part. I use to meet Arafat to do concerts, I met Singuila for concerts, Mr. Leo too, for concerts. Our next upcoming event is in April, London. I’m bringing Daphne, and Kerozen DJ, all business. Now people like Alexandre Song by virtue of your work ethics, are people who see how good you are at what you do, they appreciate you, they fall in love with your work, and take you as a brother. Alex, he use to come to a club I was managing, O’bar, and that’s where our friendship started, till date. Same as DJ Mbakayokoti, same like Jevino, alot of renowned personalities, African legends, you know, who are true ambassadors of the African continent, that’s it. So it’s either business or by means of my professional ethics. Business Especially with the artists because it’s primarily a profit making relationship, and to portray our culture out there and people like Alex, Didier Drogba and a few others are people who saw what I was doing, appreciated what I was doing and brought their own support to make me successful in what I love doing.
Now about your question, if I am a host or hypeman, I started as a Host, I got into showbiz as a presenter, animator because apart of presenting I was doing animation in nightclub and even when I came to this country I started as an animator, presenting events, then from there I have this very good friend, who is a very renowned musician too, Morare, Ivorian, from the JETSET group who created Coupé Decalé. When he got here, 2011, he told me: Bruva, you know, I have realised something in you, you have alot of good networking, you are friends with many of us, artists, why don’t you organize events, let’s say we charge other promoters 5million, we will charge you 2million, that’s your advantage you have in this industry. I advice you to become a promoter. 
Now with the experience I had in Buea, with the SOHK brothers, organizing our parties, you know, I had to use part of that skill acquired in my new career, and so far so good, to be honest it’s not been easy, so many challenges but no matter what, I keep my head up and try to be the best at what I do and try to make those who believe in me, happy…as simple as that.

Passion Fruit: You know what we love? Your mastery of the art of blending English, French even right over to Lingala during your performances. A gift, we say. What cultural values have you learnt?

Napoleon: What I have learnt from cultural diversity through talent will be meeting people from different horizons, different countries, different ethnic groups, different tribes, who make you to discover new & blended talents different from what you see or experience in your country of origin. People doing things their own way in an exceptional way. And the other thing I have discovered about cultural diversity is innovation. You get to meet people from different backgrounds, and who are not from where you come from, who do not have your same mentality, or same ethical or moral values like people from your own country. And when you guys meet together, work together, the blend of that gives a massive innovation to what you do especially in this industry where I exercise my career so well. It improves employee capabilities, you know, just the fact you ‘re Cameroonian and you are working with an ivorian, or you working with a Congolese, they knowing that you don’t come from thesame country or ethnic background gives them that obligation to be very very professional because they know you don’t have any particular ties. It’s just work, and if they don’t deliver, you may have to will the axe on them. I have adapted speaking diversified languages, a perk i am very proud of , apart from speaking English and French. Today I speak, Lingala, I speak Betee, which is an Ivorian traditional local language, i speak Baolé. Ethnic languages like these give me more insights interacting with Congolese people, Ivorian people which help maintain good relationship. When people notice your interest, my persons like Morare, Boro Sangi, DJ Arafat, Dj Jacob, it creates awareness, and it makes them have this admiration for what you do, they want to do their best for you to excel. And I am really grateful. So I think this is the most I have learnt.

Passion Fruit: Napocite! See we love art. So we go worry you today. You are a beast on the mic. We are thinking maybe one day you will enter studio oo. But my interest is, who Napo is off the mic. And we do not mean what people say, i mean who Napo says Napo is?

Napoleon: Hahahhahah… everyone been telling me, it’s time for you to go to the studio & release something. Ehmmmm, being an artist has never been one of my passions. Singing… well, animation, yeah, what is referred to as “atalaku”, but composing a song has never been my thing. I have had artist say, let’s go to the studio so you can compose something, you have a good voice, you got the personality. You know, composing a song is just not my thing.
Now, who is Napocité le BlondeNoir… who is Napocité le BlondeNoir?? This is a question that makes me speechless. Because one thing I will make sure I ask my kids never to do in life is getting into the entertainment industry, going into show business. That’s the only industry where people judge you without knowing you, just because someone wrote something online, a blogger maybe, and without verifying, without making sure the content is true, people assimilate & use that to tarnish your reputation. But coming back to your question on who I am, Napocité, this young man, born in Bamenda, Cameroon, went to school, fell inlove with animation, presenting, embarked on it, believed in what he liked doing and today I will say he is doing quite well, no matter all the challenges I face. As for my character, i am a very, very humble person. For those who know me, very very respectful, down to earth, always available to listen to anyone. On the Other hand, i think my most flaw is my temper. I get angry easily. I am impulsive. That aside, I am humble, respectful, love my friends, love my family, single not married, divorced past two years. Can I say I am searching or not?! Yes, searching, for my missen rib, my angel. And ehhh, hope I would now get with the help of PASSION FRUIT laughs … that’s me, always there for his people, putting people together, making people happy, which is one of my main objectives & priorities putting events together.

Passion Fruit: Did you hear, Ladies? He’s Single & ready to mingle, guys! You know we the Sweet Girls Association in England say we hear you, we are coooooming laughs
So again, after watching Man City Match, the next thing some of our men are addicted to, is a night out at Napo’s joint. But at same time we know there is the good good. If you were asked one thing you will love to teach or inspire the young men with using your platform, what will that be?

Napoleon: What I will use my platform to teach the youth, the younger generation first of all, is passion. The love for what you doing, once you got passion, there’s the zeal, once you got the zeal, you will keep going. Nowadays, nothing good comes easy, no successful persons in life have made it easily. So keep your head up and stay focused. Focus, believe, no matter what happens, no matter what people say, but while working hard, remember, be honest, be truthful, be loyal, to the people who truly want the best for you and that’s it. That’s the message I will love to pass out, to all the youths who are out there dreaming perhaps to be event organizers, or to be presenters, the path is going to be very very rough. Trust me especially in this industry, alot of “okro” on the road, too much “okro”. If you don’t keep your feet strong, you might trip and fall all over, all the time. So keep yourself up, focus, believe in yourself, be humble, be truthful and you will definitely make it. That’s what I will tell you out there.

Passion Fruit: We need you and your unique talent in our industry back home. What would be your contribution in our society?

Napoleon: Thank you for that question, very important question. I love my Country, I am a Cameroonian and I am always there to bring my own expertise to the entertainment industry and to be honest with you, today Cameroonian urban artists are coming to the UK to do concerts. And with all humility, it’s due to my improvision, you know, putting our artists on the map, giving them visibility but is it going as it ought to? No… it’s controlled by jealousy, much envy & sabotage. We have to copy from our neighbours. Let’s look at What Nigerians are doing today. They are united. You know, they understand no one is perfect, and even if someone makes a mistake, give them the opportunity to learn & rectify their mistakes. But our industry focuses on vices but There’s need to change so different bodies can strive to moderate these things and continue to showcase the talent they have back there. I am always available to go back home and give the best of me. It’s not easy and it’s not going to be easy in Cameroon because we cultivate habit of receiving and not giving. Take in what sense: we got the artists, passion, talent but people refuse consuming Cameroonian talent. In CAMEROON we dance to Nigerian music more than Cameroonian music not because MR. Leo is not the best at what he does, he is super talented. We have Daphne doing extremely well. We have Locko and just so many excellent artists, you know, Cameroonians still prefer Nigerian, Congolese products. It’s not easy but I will definitely be back soon to contribute in my way in our community, even though while in the diaspora, I’m still doing same. Those are things which need to be appreciated, but we replace that with insults. But that’s the people in the community I love so much. It’s so painful but as I earlier told you in the past, it’s all about passion, it’s all about love for what you doing. Making sure people are happy. And as long as I am healthy, strong I will always do my best to bring people together and make them happy.

Passion Fruit: We know of O’bar Inter, any other offices?

Napoleon: Obar international, that’s the house that made me what I am today. That platform gave me that exposure, and visibility showed my capability to the world. And I will be forever grateful for that. I wish to seize this opportunity to thank my boss, even though I am taking a bit of a break from O’bar, I will still love to thank my boss, Damiel Dimonekene for that wonderful opportunity. So for now, I have taken a little break from night club activities. I want to focus on event organizing, and I have just created my own company in England. Event company and I’m trying to put a wonderful team together so we can organize class A events, top events, top concerts, where people can see value for their money. That’s it. For now, no nightclub. Just taking a step back and focusing on my own event company I have just created and my next event is in April with Daphne, and Kerozen DJ here in the UK.

Passion Fruit: It is the festive period, we talk a lot about giving. We intend changing the narratives here. What do you intend receiving from us, your public?

Napoleon: That’s a wonderful question: what do I intend to receive from Passion Fruit and its audience… LOVE, APPRECIATION, RESPECT, that’s all I want – love, appreciation, respect. I need your love, I need your appreciation, and I need your recognition to continue to believe and to continue to serve you, my beloved countrymen, Cameroonians & Africans in the Diaspora and equally back at home. That’s the most i want. Atleast appreciation for what I am doing for our culture. I attest to not being perfect like every other, but I strive and i am still striving to do my best and all I would need is some minimal respect & support from you. If I could receive that from you, I will be most grateful… we look forward to a marvellous year ahead.

Passion Fruit: That was Napocite closing our 2018! Thank you so much for being our guest.

Napoleon: Thank you for granting me this interview. I am very humbled, I am very grateful. Once again, I wish you the best in all you are doing. Wish you the best in your endeavours. People like me are here to support you, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any support, DO NOT hesitate to contact me if you need any support. As long as, its support, we will help Passion Fruit grow, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to support you. Don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and call me. Thank you for granting me this interview, Merry Xmas to you and wish you guys a happy 2019, all the best, thank You.


Ma cherie faut pas pleurer, Ton Ton Napi, il est comme ça la!…. Haha…if you thought we wasn’t hype & gangsta, there you go. That was Napoleon on Passion Fruit end of year/ opening the year, 2019. For everything Him, join him on:

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