“Let it Out, Chacha” Special Throwback Edition with Legendary Fally Ipupa


Passion Fruit is throwing back to 2019, today… to the time we had an encounter with the Legendary Congolese Award winning Singer, Fally Ipupa. Fally is a household name not only in West Africa, but across the continent & above, due to his diversity in music genre, including features with Artists from the East, North & South of the Continent. Though in a rush, the gentleman was all-accepting spending a few minutes with us and we couldn’t wait to ask him the most pertinent, straightforward but intriguing questions. See read below:

Passion Fruit: I know we are late & we are taking up your space at your dinner table…

Fally Ipupa: Carry on…

Passion Fruit: We are a people invested in knowing why people do what they do & how it benefits society. We love your songs: “Eloko Oyo”, “A Flyé”, “Sweet Life “La vie est belle””, “Mannequin”…

Fally Ipupa: *nods*

Passion Fruit: … and something about “La vie est belle” stands out for us. It’s a narrative of how your reality looks like against public speculation. It’s a reflection of challenges an ordinary man faces as well as challenges faced by a celebrity who apparently is human. Can you talk a little bit on that…

Fally Ipupa: Yeah, I sing to entertain and I also do sing to inspire the masses. The whole purpose of that song is to tell people, see, we are all human. I feel the same way that you feel. I face the same challenges that you face….

Passion Fruit: *interrupts* oh so we get the whole point of the lyrics: * la vie est belle, la vie est douce, combat toujours, combat de tous les jours, parfois j’suis sûr, parfois je doute, que …* But then you also say: * see I’ve been dreaming, now I’m living, never stop hustling*… feels like a message you couldn’t wait to share with your crowd?

Fally Ipupa: Yeah, at the end of the day, I ended a success story and just as I believe we are all humans, same way do I believe everyone has the ability to make it in life. I will love to add, there’s the pressure that comes with success, people think you are superhuman, why I take the initiative to remind my public through my songs, I am just like them. My body gets tired just like theirs, like I feel right now, but nobody seems to notice.

Passion Fruit: *side eyes*… so is that a subliminal message to us to leave you alone to your rest?

Fally Ipupa: Well, no, not you…

Passion Fruit: Haha… your face sold you out. We will be gone before long and outta your way.

Fally Ipupa: *giggles*

Passion Fruit: Thank you so much!

This is for those who lost hope in life, this is for those working to make dreams come true, this is for those who admire lifestyle…. You are as important, you can make it, your dreams are valid & no matter what be your limitations or mistakes, never forget we are all humans and are bound to be limited as one.

Passion Fruit’s experience with Fally Ipupa at the Ballantine × Fally Ipupa Experience, 27th December, 2019 in Douala, Cameroon.


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