Poised, elegant, vibrant, mischievous is how we saw him in the Big brother House. Today, still a noble man, Malonza Chege who was one of the Housemates representing KENYA in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA REALITY SHOW, 2012 – STARGAME EDITION, has moved from good to excellence. You would wonder how we caught up with this astute entrepreneur and businessman – his humility paid our price. Passion Fruit was able to virtually leave West Africa to the EAST, to share such a marvelous time with the good-looking lad. Here is what to know about Malonza after the BIG BROTHER AFRICA SHOW , his work and achievements:

Passion Fruit: We turned up in East Africa! Kenya is here with us! How are you today, Malonza? How is the weather out there?

Malonza: Doing great! How are you?

Passion Fruit: See, East Africa is a long way from West/Central Africa, wherever Cameroon falls today, and just like everything that is not overly available does us, I am my most excited. Tell us alittle bit about the buzz in Kenya today?

Malonza: I mean, I guess we focus so much on the negative but I will love to say the weather is great and kids are on holidays, people are having vacations and yeah, we are looking forward to a bright future in terms of change and development.

Passion Fruit: We uncommonly hear of winter and summer in some parts of Africa like Botswana, South Africa… what time is it in Kenya, specifically?

Malonza: Let me be honest with you, *giggles*, I only heard about winter in Africa during the BIG BROTHER Africa show in South Africa.

Passion Fruit: Very same here!

Passion Fruit: Ahhhh! I must say we heard a lot ON you but the last most of us living far off East Africa heard OUT of you would be from BIG BROTHER STARGAME. What has Malonza been up to? The last we heard he re-enrolled in UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY – AFRICA? Would you want to talk about that?

Malonza: Ehmmmm… actually I was on semester break getting admitted into the Big Brother House, after leaving, of course I completed my education at the USIU.

Passion Fruit: You emerged with a  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and you have since hinted on Entrepreneurship? Was that a goal even before your involvement in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA REALITY SHOW?

Malonza: I would say Big Brother enhanced an already existing Dream. You see, Big Brother really is a life-changing experience. It’s difficult to really explain to someone who is not actually experiencing it or hasn’t. When you leave, you feel limitless. You recognize endless possibilities. My dreams of entrepreneurship weren’t only limited to my country but I had a new dream to conquer Africa, and if not the world.

Passion Fruit: About Big Brother Africa, that platform presented Malonza to the world, were you ignorant of the exposure involved or that was the actual target?

Malonza: I use to watch Big Brother with my mum, and I use to find it fascinating. I have never been a fan of confinement, you know. But well I loved the whole vibe the show gave. So somehow I auditioned and was chosen, my brother and I, as Kenyan representatives for BBA.

I was aware of the exposure, but just as I said earlier, no one is ever really ready until you experience it.

Passion Fruit: *Follow Up* how branded were you, after the show?

Malonza: hahahah… I would say I landed gigs with DSTV, I was a host for a Reality show in Kenya, I worked with the UN and a few many other appearances… Plus I would say personally it was a boost to my business goals and objectives… that branded!*shrugs with a smile*…

Passion Fruit: Passion Fruit keeps taps and we see you followed hosting a DATING REALITY SHOW “TUJUANE” on KTN? I guess that was one of the perks, being an ex-housemate of a major reality TV show?!

Malonza: You can say that. After Big Brother, we had lots of hook ups at DSTV and that landed me the job. Same place I met one of my biggest mentors.

Passion Fruit: Hmmmm CAPTAIN OF THE LOVE SHIP … hahahaha… is that how we call it these days huh? But we are curious, where does the citing “Captain” position us – Pimp, Playboy, or LoverBoy?

Malonza: *laughs hard* … None of that. But it came from a place of just always having the right things to tell people be it hanging out with friends or family, about love. And then coincidentally I was auditioned for a DATING SHOW. It just made a lot of sense.

Passion Fruit: And seeing you are an advocate of Love, and knowing it is a virtue that doesn’t only apply erotically but very broadly and now liaising it directly or indirectly with your external goals as MARKETING DIRECTOR at KK, ASPIRING ACTOR, DATA ANALYST and WEBDEVELOPER, ACTIVIST  – How would you say the practice of the principle of LOVE in these different scopes of life can ensure effectiveness, progress and most importantly financial success?

Malonza: I go by this adage: ”People do not want to know how much you know, they want to know how much you can.” This means doing work with purpose first to impact and make changes before securing the bags. You need to show love to people, show you tend at caring before people can warm up to you. And I mean this should be done naturally, not with  manipulatively with the intentions of something in return.

Passion Fruit: Our interest in virtues and principles could be a little bit dogmatic. But our platform was created as a result of our most important discovery – unlike houses that leaned on cement as foundation, the entire world leaned on some basic rules as its own foundation. And we seek to qualify these rules. What would you say are your other core values? And how have you successfully applied them in your live?

Malonza: I start by being confident about everything. Developing a thick skin knowing situations will test you. Meeting new people, making new friends, putting in the massive work but it is also important to realize after massive comes the smart work. They are both intertwined. Basically being kind to people, everyone. The secret is Positivity, Happiness, Believe in yourself, knowing you are the best.

Passion Fruit: 2012 to 2018 – is a long time from your Coming Out through Big Brother. Much has changed. Most obvious, your age *grins*. Tell on your progress on a personal level with Family, love relationship *winks*, and friendships?

Malonza: I have travelled a lot especially enabled by a program I enrolled in. I met a lot of new people & friends and it’s been amazing. There’s a couple we met in IBIZA, 2015. They invited us, 2017, for their wedding in Romania. Then there is my girlfriend, she’s my bestfriend and business partner too.

Passion Fruit: About friendship, do you still have a relationship with any of the STARGAME housemates? Ohhhhh noooo. How is Junia? Oh nooo atleast you have been to Namibia huh?! *Gives the side eye*

Malonza: Yeah, we try to keep in touch but life gets in the way. We travelled to Uganda to support Kyle, I see Prezzo from time to time. In S.A,  got hold of Lee but did not end up meeting him nor Keagan. Spoke a few times to Junia & Jessica. Janet was in Kenya some time.

Well… my brother Alex, of course I see him all the time. We live in the same building. He got married, February.

My parents, well they doing good. We took them on vacation sometime. They absolutely loved it.

Passion Fruit: Malonza, Africa is a large continent, and I would think Malonza is an adventurer, when is he targeting Cameroon? We love you outchea! People don’t I speak for you?

Malonza: I have an interest in Africa, with big plans *winks*. So of course Cameroon is included in my bucket list.

Passion Fruit: What should we expect from you? There”s lots of recreational joints, what do you love doing in your spare time?

I love anything that provokes blood pumping, adrenaline events like bunch jumping. I remember we went paragliding in Cape Town, hiking, I love me some History Venues. Remember visiting the Maddison Square Garden in New York city and that was so dope, museums… Just everything rollercoaster.

Passion Fruit: Wasn’t it a pleasure having you? Thank You, Malonza. But before you go, you should  pour out your last on your mind?

Malonza: So just like Big Brother Africa, my ultimate goal is to impact the lives of more than a million people in Africa, financially. And as the saying goes: Where Value Is Perceived, Money Is Never An Option.

Passion Fruit: Yeah Right!! Today was a Good day! Until next time, Sir!

To catch up with Malonza, find him on Instagram at:



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