Drained by the ill perceptions of her home country, she wasn’t going to sit back and let Google and the Western media continue to take away from Liberia’s rich cultures, traditions, landscapes, and peoples by solely focusing on the country’s devastating past. Today, Passion Fruit had the privilege to feature one of Liberia’s most prominent writers and curators, ANNA SHERMAN-KARTO, who has so passionately immersed in rebuilding not only Liberia’s image but that of Africa as a whole. Her contributions, her values, her personal reasons for her choices, her level of interest, her future aspirations, her family are all beautifully spoken on below:

Passion Fruit: Hello Anna! How are you?

Anna Sherman-Karto: How are you?

Passion Fruit: We fell across your blog and work and we are totally in love! 

My main intrigue is, why would any person who spent most of their life out of their country of origin be that interested in their country? What is it about this vision?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Although I’ve spent most of my life outside of Liberia, I’ve always been in touch with it. I come from a family that loves and respects our culture; which is why Liberia has been a huge part of my life wherever I go. I wanted to share with the world what I know Liberia to be.

Passion Fruit: There’s the common knowledge which states: our country of belonging is not that which we are born in but that we are raised in. One would think Ivory Coast or even now, the United States of America, would be referred home to you than Liberia? What keeps you attached to motherland?

Anna Sherman-Karto: I’ve always considered Ivory Coast my ‘second home’ and the United States, my  ‘home away from home’, with that being said, Liberia is where I was born and where my family is from, so it will always be considered my ‘ first home’. Like the saying goes, “home is always where the heart is”.

Passion Fruit: Your images on landscapes, on individuals, on the beauty of Liberia are so inspirational. If I thought I didn’t know which African country to visit first, let me tell you todayyy, Liberia is my first choice.

Anna Sherman-Karto: I’m glad that I’ve inspired you to visit Liberia. I promise that when you decide to visit Liberia you are going to have a great time.

Passion Fruit: You brand your craft LibPositives Spotlight… We figure Lib stands for Liberia, is it? The term “positive” was our core attraction. Why Liberia Positive Spotlight?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Yes, Lib is short for Liberia. The phrase Liberia Positives Spotlight was chosen to bring attention (spotlight) to Liberians that are doing positive things around the world.

Passion Fruit: Now you live in what we perceive is the developed world. What foreign attributes would you love to incorporate into the Liberian culture, art, economy, industries, politics, etc.?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Free education is what I would like to incorporate into the Liberian Culture. I would also love to incorporate legal working age; I dislike child laboring and hope that someday it can be stopped completely. I would also like to incorporate equality for all within the work force, and take away nepotism; I believe everyone should have a fair chance to work based on their qualifications rather than connections.

Passion Fruit: We understand LibPositives is solely pro- Liberia. But my understanding, the whole of Africa is facing the same persecution – negative portraits of all that we are about. Is your stance low-key a demonstration of the All Africa Supremacy or is it an isolated case of Liberian Prowess?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Low-key my stance is a demonstration of the All Africa Supremacy; Liberia is just a starting point.

Passion Fruit: Your craft comes from a passion for writing. Would you say this is a typical case of a marriage between the Gift and Purpose?

Anna Sherman-Karto: I wouldn’t say that this is a case of marriage between the Gift and purpose.

I think it’s more of a marriage between Passion and Purpose rather than Gift and Purpose. However the passion has allowed me to become a good writer.

Passion Fruit: We know nothing of Anna behind the scenes. When she isn’t writing about our beloved Liberia, what does she do? 

Anna Sherman-Karto: I’m a homebody. On a typical day when I’m not writing or working, you will most likely catch me at home with a warm cup of tea watching an educational documentary, a good thriller or reading a suspense novel.

Passion Fruit: Writing being our passion too, we could easily relate with it pros & cons. It can be a very lonely vocation seeing creativity for most emerges when they are a little isolated. How do you turn to normalize and blend between writing, research and human interactions?

Anna Sherman-Karto: I blend all of these by prioritizing and being organized. I find that things are much easier when they are organized and have allocated time.

Passion Fruit: It is evident your craft has brought people and cultures together. What personal contributions does it have on you?

Anna Sherman-Karto: It has made me to become more aware and knowledgeable about things that go on, not just in Liberia or Africa, but the whole world. I’m constantly doing research on any and everything, which allows me to learn something new every day.

Passion Fruit: How supportive is your family and how do they contribute and participate in your personal and business growth?

Anna Sherman-Karto: My family is extremely supportive. They read everything I write and are active members on all social media channels.

Passion Fruit: All those views…I crave Liberia, Monrovia precisely! What town or city would you recommend, and a few hotels/resorts and facilities?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Of course Monrovia is number one; I would like to also recommend cities such as Harper, Robertsport and Buchana. Hotels I would recommend are Farmington and RoyalGrand Hotels. I recommend you also visit Libassa Ecolodge and RLJ Kendeja resorts.

Passion Fruit: LibPositives is a Great Vision, but with the great comes greater. What else would Anna be indulging in, in the future?

Anna Sherman-Karto: My passion for Liberia and Africa as a whole comes from the media perspective. In the near future I would love to bring on more visual motion aspect to the platform through television shows, magazines etc.; there are other projects that I’m still working on.

Passion Fruit: We figured we want the Act of giving to trend this festive season in preparation for 2019. And this time, our leaders wouldn’t be the ones giving to us. We want to give them. What would you love to receive from your crowd? What in terms of types, quality and quantity of gift would you want from us, your public?

Anna Sherman-Karto: Financial support; I’m currently trying to raise money for a better camera in order to have high quality photos for the platform.

Passion Fruit: It was such a marvelous thing having you talk to us. Good tidings and enjoy your festive season!

Anna Sherman-Karto: It was nice chatting with you. Have a happy holiday!

A win for one, is a win for all. Do you want to contribute in making impact in our communities and continent? Is it your serving season, is it your giving season?Please join Anna and others by donating for  LibPositives HQ Camera to ensure better spotlight on what is US. Find her on:

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