Former NFL Green Bay Parker and a now activist & Community Chief of the non-profit un-incorporated association, Yahlife, met with Passion Fruit! During his brief visit to the continent and upon meeting him, we were particularly intrigued with his mission goal. We initiated the most educative and insightful conversation and it delights me to share with you all what we taught each other and learnt about our different perspectives as to culture, identity and nationality. And to think the delicacy he most enjoyed was our saucy Cameroonian Pepper….if you thought this isn’t one of the most relaxing, soulful and casual interviews we got, read through and get to it below:

Passion Fruit: Hi Chris… Patience, here.

Chris Darkins: Hi Patience, so pleased to meet you! *hugs in salutation*

Passion Fruit: So I was told you snuck into our country, *giggles*, what brings you here?

Chris Darkins: Our country, you mean… well, I’m here on a mission. I am a representative of our organization Yahlife and our main objective is reclaiming liberty and prosperity.

Passion Fruit: *perplexed* So why did you choose to reclaim from here?

Chris Darkins: *giggles* no not take from you but relate and engage with a people with whom we have a common ancestry. You see, you say you are Cameroonian and you still think I am African American with “America” acting last name and the dominant party here. You stand proudly Cameroonian, which is your nationality and identity, I in turn have a different nationality and identity but the interesting thing is, there’s a cultural heritage that existed a long time ago which got distorted by slavery which is our origin, and it’s there OUR CULTURE, ALL of us blacks, exist. So we are more similar than we are different. What separates us right now are nationalities and identities which were adopted along the way.

Passion Fruit: *woke* wow. Interesting.

Chris Darkins: So I guess my mission is to surpass these nationality and identity barriers to narrow our history and make our culture retractable.

Passion Fruit: So how many other African countries have you visited?

Chris Darkins: ehmmm, I have been to Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria… and a few others.

Passion Fruit: Same mission?

Chris Darkins: Pretty much same. Cause when we try to look at where we from, that whole area. We were taken without consent. And if we were forced out of a community that therefore means, that community was affected. It left them with void and traumas which exist but subconsciously as years passed by. So this project is all about reconnecting.

Passion Fruit: Is it personal? Like i know you are operating as an organization, but are you personally connected to this mission?

Chris Darkins: Absolutely! Am I pissed off by what happened, not like that… all I can say is, I came out of a boat across oceans, my parents came off a boat, my grandparents came off a boat, my great and great great grand parents came off a boat. So yeah, it’s very f***en personal! Oh sorry I had to curse.

Passion Fruit: *grins hard* you serious? We have and accept it in every way, we embrace…. So when you return, you coming back? So we see you in three months?

Chris Darkins: Why three months? *smiling puzzled*

Passion Fruit: *smiling and shrugs* ohhh, I’m just saying…

Chris Darkins: I plan to return earlier with a more strategized plan and mission and resources to engage into projects with our people so we can start building together.

Passion Fruit: So you visited the Southwest. I hear Buea & Limbe. So what ideas of reformation did you envision for these places? Any changes?

Chris Darkins: I am more interested in blending into an ecosystem consistent with our nature. Not changes. So if you asking if we plan on implementing foreign system, no. We want to engage than implement.

Passion Fruit: well, well, well… that was some education. So let’s talk about fun facts here. I see you had a good time in Cameroon. Had an opportunity to taste our delicious local meals?

Chris Darkins: One thing: Cameroon has delicious delicacies. I was particularly taken with the Cameroonian Pepper, so spicy! Cameroonian food is very refreshing. The vegetables are naturally cultivated and very organic. I had a good time with that. Made me stretch.

Passion Fruit: So where does Chris live in the states?

Chris Darkins: I live in California, Texas and Washington. So i’m a gypsy.

Passion Fruit: Hehehe… family man?

Chris Darkins: ohhh yess… very much a family man.

Passion Fruit: Now see how relaxed we are and we would only end by saying you have a great vision, we are behind you 100%! Great initiative and welcome home.

We will follow up with you and GOODLUCK!

For more on the organization, click on link below:

Website: https://cejs.yahlife.com/


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