“Let it Out, ChaCha” with Global Paint For Charity’s, Rony Delgarde


We are super super excited! We did our first IG live with a commendable Guest. We’ve been on this so long, finally it’s happened. Plus we are excited to exploit different platforms for our Interview Sessions.

Delightfully, a well accomplished Haitian business man, philanthropist based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A, Mr Rony Delgarde & i defined the nature of our relationship, his rise in Business as a Haitian Immigrant in the U.S.A, bridging the gap between the African American plight & the African Plight, his plans for Africa, Covid 19 & the challenges he faced & reveal some on his personal & family life.

Please, you would want to listen! See below:

Respectfully: Passion Fruit


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