This week, Passion Fruit in a bid, to curtail delays and late appointments, decided to check out Automobiles and that landed it on this Car Dealer, in particular.

Born Cameroonian, from the Bamileke West Region, Louis, a young Car dealer & businessman, was receptive and did not hesitate to share with us. Residing in the U.S.A, he has breached  barriers and indulged in a business which doesn’t only seem to be expanding in length and width but also in quality and financial returns. Let us listen to what he had to say about Entrepreneurship, Networking, Interpersonal interactions, Values, Principles, Family & Love:

Passion Fruit: Heyooo … Que  Pasa? Whatever that means, but it was meant at a Hello – Arizona, in the building, how are you?

LOUIS ANGE: I am doing good. How are you?

Passion Fruit: Doing great as well, thank you, Louis! Just so we are clear – You know it was Nigerian Youths addressed lazy not Cameroonian youths … right? *frantic face* No, let me finish… Because boy, your hustle is on a 360 degree on an average day! Why? Where did that zeal to succeed come from?

LOUIS ANGE: My personal drive and looking knowing there is a bridge to cross, believing in myself, creating my own expectations and setting goals I plan to attain. Knowing if I do not motivate myself or better myself, nobody will for me, and also having people look up to me. So yeah, that has been my push factor.

Passion Fruit: We were looking up new trends in the automobile world and we fell on you, another Cameroonian finding his way around the Overseas market. Why cars? What does it mean to you?

And just to further note, there’s always a reason deeper than the physical connect. And that is the core essence of our platform, to snatch quality information even from our subconscious …  So we insist, why interest in cars?

LOUIS ANGE: Actually, I think it runs in the family. When they popularly say “that thing run for blood”, that’s us… hahahaha my maternal Grand Dad was a car mechanic back in colonial days, my dad too dealt with cars. When I was young, he was so into it, and seeing there were heavy tax duties levied on exports and imports at the borders, he sought an easier way. He got frustrated and smuggled some cars sometime into Cameroon and it wasn’t easy with him and authority but he just really loved the business. Oh and he owned a Car Dealer Boutique.

But that did not influence my business choice directly. I only gained interest years later, after visiting a friend in Cotonou back in 2012. He was associated with the business and he initiated a conversation that got me interested and I began by shipping cars from America to Kotonou. That was my first business route.

Passion Fruit: Talking about Overseas market, what has been your challenges Overseas and off – Overseas?

LOUIS ANGE: Actually to be candid, business in my homeland has been pretty hectic. I wouldn’t know if the difficulty stems mostly from the distance and off touch physical contact, but dealing with people home has encumbered dishonesty, disloyalty, mismanagement, and most crucial of all, the excruciating custom duties which really make business and trading home very exhausting and ineffective. I met a few connects but so far, the experience has not been good. Wish I could do it other way round, but unfortunately for now, I maintain business in Africa with Cotonou and Senegal only.

However, hanging out right here, has been easier for me. I  only have to keep my end of the bargain by providing an honest service and product and my clients are equally responsive and reliable and prompt with payments.

Passion Fruit: *follow Up*. I know we are talking about cars – metal scraps, and it is difficult to attach anything that “material” with human concepts. Being a business man, how has that role affected your understanding and interactions with human beings and what core human values have you adopted or polished?

LOUIS ANGE: As I maybe briefly mentioned earlier, being a business man has exposed me to different types of people – a better part of it has met really honest, kind-hearted and caring people and then there is the crafty, entitled, dishonest be it clients or business partners. I think what I have learned and mastered is: we receive what we give to the world at the end of the day. So I embraced honesty, diligence, focus; I ensure good service by providing my clients with the best vehicles, literally dig-in into the Automobile market to get the best for my clients- Yeah I go down ‘cause I am a hard worker, a bulldozer and it is been eminent viewing Kam’s progress. I have had cousins, siblings, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, old people been referred me by previous clients. It’s been progressive, and conforms with my ideologies and believes practicing entrepreneurship.

Passion Fruit: Now, your Facebook ID throws emphasis on “Humanity” – how relevant has that been in achieving your goals, working towards your dreams and influencing your personal & professional choices? What do you primarily advocate for?

LOUIS ANGE: I PRIMARILY advocate for ENTREPRENEURSHIP. I would be delighted to witness an amalgamation of people, companies and organizations facilitated by my peers; and especially my African – Cameroonian community – where simple or if not sophisticated ideas can be created to improve on each other, our communities and the world at large. In simple words, I would love a world which encourages everyone to seek means of bettering themselves be it through a craft, a gift, a talent, a skill… a little bit of something on the plate for all, but of course, it got to be earned.

Passion Fruit: Now to your Business… Kam Auto …hmmmm..  I know for sure what *Auto* represents… what about “Kam”? And again, today, we see shifts too – KamRenal LLC – are we missing on a new add up to the empire? What does Renal signify?

LOUIS ANGE: Trying not to be stereotypical, I removed the “C” in Cameroon and replaced with a “K”, so yeah KAM here is short for my country, Cameroon. About Renal, sometime back, 2012/2013, I did work on Contract, and I thought it would be cool to represent an Agency, and so I birthed Renal.

Passion Fruit: How the Business mind works, huh?! *grins*.  Having stayed 10 years in what is perceived as the “Upper Class ”, it’s easy to adopt their ways and lifestyle. We live in a complex world. It’s easy to trade identities … What makes you always look back to motherland?

LOUIS ANGE: Africa … Cameroon, will always represent home for me. And I want to have my children hold on to their roots too, in the future. My parents are full-flesh Cameroonians, and especially for my Beautiful Mum, whom I looked up-to, may her soul rest in peace, my home will always be my home.

Passion Fruit: And I guess it was a heck of a journey leaving home … Tell us a little about your transition – From Cameroon to Brooklyn to Arizona …

LOUIS ANGE: Funny enough, I left Cameroon for another country, South America. Fortunately for me, I ended up finding myself in New York, with no contacts, and just 5 dollars in my pocket. How did the story go? I worked so hard, found my feet, went to school. After school, I took contract jobs and that made me travel a lot. I landed jobs in Arizona and fell in love with the town – small, less expensive than Newyork, accessible and close to Mexico & California and I thought why not? Will be great to live in it.

Passion Fruit: Your journey has made you the man today… professionally and personally. Imagine we were handling an IELTS English Language Proficiency test and you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say?

LOUIS ANGE: Not a perfect man, but I am striving at being authentic, honest, focused and really looking forward to a great future; There’s the story that goes: The prey and the predator reside in the forest… At the end, I choose to be the predator.

Passion Fruit: Through the downs & ups, through the Lows & Highs, but here You stand. What advice will you give a younger version of You? I guess the road wasn’t smooth.

LOUIS ANGE: No it wasn’t but I will say: Persist with determination, focus, keep pushing, prospective future ahead. And here’s to this vital lesson I plan to copy: To give to myself before providing for others. You see, we can only really give rightfully, when we satisfy our own needs first. We often confuse that for selfishness. The baker can only confirm the quality of his bread, by tasting before distributing for consumption. Well, the most I could have told my younger self.

Passion Fruit: Aside you, what and who is your biggest motivation?

LOUIS ANGE: My daughter and sister. I love them so much! They are my most pre-occupation. When I think of them, I get the force to keep going. And the values my MUM instilled in me. I keep mentioning her, you know, she was special. I was taught to be a wolf which protects its pups. I remember being so young and teaching my kid sister arithmetic. She wasn’t receptive and i got frustrated and snapped. I remember making this comment about not helping her out when i grow-up & make money.My mum got me for that. And she told me something that never left me: You would take care and protect your sister always. She will always be your responsibilty.

Passion Fruit: Wow! She sure was special! Talk a little bit about family… Siblings? Parent/s? Children?  And here’s to the interesting part, Wife? Fiancee? Girlfriend?  – Young, Ambitious – Sisters are thurstyyyy!

LOUIS ANGE: My Family is doing really well in life and I am proud of our progress. I see everyone doing better than those before us. My daughter and my sister are my closest family, not having my mum around anymore. Sometimes, we want to wake up to them on mother’s day too, having to wish other mothers that on such special days. Wanting her to benefit from my fruits…

True my Father is alive but never really was present, so I wasn’t one of those kids with the tag: daddy is my hero. Growing up, and having lost my dearest mum so young and had my kid at 24, I had to assume being my own hero – for my daughter, for my sister and for myself. And that experience may seem misfortunate but it has greatly blessed me and  shaped the man I am and becoming. Having had that experience, I manage to flip my script. I am a formidable dad …*grins* okay not to be cocky, atleast my daughter says so!

About a wife, no I do not… but I yeah I have a girlfriend *smiles thoughtfully*. Eventhough we do break-up, but with separation, I get more certain or we but well that’s if she was on this session to speak for herself, as I was saying, I get more certain about her and my choice of her. We talking, we trying to fix things… They say when you taste alot of salt in your rice, you either change your pot or you change your method of cooking here and there…  *puts on a “I am saying no more” face*

Passion Fruit:*insist* Because you’ve been so open and we are an advocate for love, and believe many can learn a thing or two – but seeing you are a Macho man. And just a glance at you and one would see, you are a typical Alpha-Male, how did you meet and what makes her the Choice, or special?

LOUIS ANGE: It still is a funny & weird story how we met. We started off as friends. She just put something on the table that was new to me… *smiles again thoughtfully* – oh you said I am an Alphamale?*laughs* and that’s the attraction, we are so opposite – she’s so feminine, so passionate and emotional, so direct and honest but firm too… She’s not perfect, I am not perfect, we grow, we progress, well, she just does it for me.

Passion Fruit: *all up in their feelings* Awwwwwwwww…  And just cause we are psychic, let’s invite our Passion Vision Energy, onboard *whoop*! So what does it read: it kinda confirms lots of reciprocity her way, progressive mutual work, compromise, acceptance, great admiration and appreciation for you …

We can’t talk Business on the ground, Purpose, Family, Love – without the Paper Deets. How lucrative is business? Okay let me explain better – your bank alerts? Was thinking for the sisterssss …  but with the recount above, we, the sisters, gotta give it up, except we can tryyyyy … hahahaha

LOUIS ANGE: Hahahah…Unfortunately … But yeah it’s been lucrative. At Kam Auto we do not only sell or retail cars, we do car rentals within a wide range in the United States and neighboring countries. We most recently offer Car transportation services via Car hauler Trailers to any and every part of America and neighboring countries too.

Passion Fruit: Work Work and No Play Makes LOUISssssss… SO DO YOU PLAY AT ALL?

LOUIS ANGE: Wow! You know, I work so hard, especially recently, I have little or no time for leisure, balancing my Regular Job and Business. And leisure today for me doesn’t involve hanging out at Buvettes. I would prefer a more constructive well-planned holiday with loved ones in some islands, surrounded by people who can add up to my life entirely. Good conversation, good food, good wine with good people.

Passion Fruit: Awesome! … Thank You for your time, Sire. But before we end, Let’s have a Louis impression!

LOUIS ANGE: Oh I have this to say! I will really love to say this world wide – I am not perfect, I mean, not a soul is but I still speak for myself. I would have wished I had done all good but even sometimes unintentionally we step on toes. So just in case I ever did anything or said anything to hurt any soul in this beautiful world, I will love to use this beautiful platform, to humbly apologize, and I promise to keep striving to be at my best. We all a work in progress as La Passionista will say. *winks* And I encourage you to focus, be diligent, respect your process, do exactly what you set goals on and let no one talk you out of it.

Passion Fruit: WOAWWW! This was so sublime …

LOUIS ANGE: And one more thing, Passion Fruit. I want to say I have been in the KNOW of all what you’ve been doing. I am busy, but I sure keep taps. I am so impressed with your work and ethics. Your growth, your passion, that fire in you, never ever let anyone dim that. I believe in what you doing, and please keep up, and surround yourself with people who believe in you, will mold you, protect you, contribute to and encourage your craft. My support and participation has been present, you know how it comes… not Paper deets, your words above *laughs*, not just yet, but we taking Passion Fruit to the top.

Passion Fruit: *a minute of silence* We ran out of thank Yous, cause this means a lot to us! Did I mention we don’t mind having you again on this platform?

That was Louis Tchouamo of KAM AUTO on Passion Fruit.

Are you in the United States of America and you envision yourself in a fast ride, with popping engines, and Smooth and Clean tint? Kam Auto is where to go! Find Louis on Instagram and Facebook and DM for all you need! Thank ME later!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/degamz/


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