To fully celebrate the World Soccer Cup and its significance in our world at Large, Passion Fruit sailed across to the Land of the Games, where they had the opportunity to catch up with this Extraordinary, ‘Vaganza Gentleman, ALEXANDRE MORFAW.

Originating from a blood merge of two powerful continents; the Young, vibrant, intelligent French/Cameroonian, has been able to use his diversity to impact not only France or Cameroon, but the Globe at large. Having played on the field in his earlier years, he represents Football for all, both internally and externally and has acquired so much knowledge thereafter on the field from his operations as personal Football Manager to reputable soccer players including AURELIEN CHEDJOU and BASSOGOG CHRISTIAN; an engaging SOCCER entourage across borders as well as acting TECHNICAL DIRECTOR at RAINBOW SPORTS, Douala, Cameroon.

He is a Business Man with a leading outsourcing company in France … and Passion Fruit caught up with him and got to hear all he had to say about his career, soccer, travels and behind the scenes. See Below:

Passion Fruit: Hey! Hey! Hey!

You seem to be on a speedy track. We hear Europe – America – Puerto Bueno, wherever that is, *giggles*. And we just wondered why in Socca Name, would one person have as right the need to travel like that! Please do explain, Sir!?

Alexandre Morfaw: First of all, I will love to introduce myself, I am Alexandre Morfaw and I am the Technical Director at Rainbow Sports. Recently we got on a particular BIG BREAK. I was holding meetings, meeting potential partners, selling our concept and also on a recruiting mission – remember, there is no team without viable players plus we need to ensure BIG BREAKS become even BIGGER BREAKS And I think I also used this opportunity to spend time with my family.

Passion Fruit: Monsieur Alex… can I call you that?

Alexandre Morfaw: *nods vigorously*

Passion Fruit: What can you say was/is your threshold? I want to play a little game with you, monsieur. Close your eyes -*closes their eyes alongside*; and go back to your younger version and then journey right back to present. You see a lot. The experiences, the situations, the opportunities, the changes, the results… we are listening…

Alexandre Morfaw: Ehmm, I started off in my earlier years as a professional soccer player. Just at the moment I knew I had created a mark around the field and people were starting to go home from the games, with the name “Alex” on their mind, I suffered injuries that required I end my career for good, or so I thought. Was it devastating, yeah, but I did not stay there too long. I always had a strong mind. I immediately started preparing myself for the next opportunity, not that I was aware but I knew it would come.

Secondly, I listened a lot to my mentors. Mr Kingsley Pungong, CEO of RAINBOW SPORTS, played a major role. He and a few others held me up, and propelled me to the next level. Today, I happen to be involved in a career still highly connected to my talent, but this time not limited to a field but a GLOBAL OUTREACH. I serve both PLAYERS and the masses most of the times on a personal level. And up till today I feel blessed and realize what I thought was a mishap was actually a stepping stone. Having lived with this knowledge, I can say it was and is my threshold.

Passion Fruit: As goes one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s favorite sayings “I do believe in fate”, Now liaising past & present, has your professional performance and success been a game of chance or of hard work? And I am just curious, what do you believe in?

Alexandre Morfaw: I think hard work & fate are inter-connected. I can’t say for another but when it came to me, I made conscious decisions, worked extremely hard, creating a platform for chance to fit in.

When I decided to leave France for Cameroon, my family was totally against the idea .They talked me out of my decision but my mind was made up. And today they are extremely proud of me. And then I put in the good work and now here we are! I wouldn’t say I have gone all the way, still journeying, but I am immensely grateful how far I have come.

Passion Fruit: Before anything, I must say I love your job – you travel Nevada, to Croetia to Guadalupe…All we see sometimes is the grandeur, the fine people & the fine money involved in the games, but our forum has as goal the need to break behind the scenes. We are searching for the core essence of visions and creations. And we saw a visionary in you.  Being into talent management – football dominated, what has been your biggest motivation?

Alexandre Morfaw: Thank You. My biggest motivation has been my family; my mother, my daughter and now my beloved. Without them I wouldn’t have the same drive. And again there is my purpose: realizing my purpose, and just knowing it isn’t only about the game but humanity and helping especially the young ones realize dreams & bask in their talents.

Passion Fruit: I watched so many pictures of you in the in depth sides of Africa, in the under-deserved communities? Was it only your work at stake or is there a bigger perspective to your attachment with these folks? I noticed your special attachment to this particular picture, you and this very little boy with hands on your waist. Touching.

Alexandre Morfaw: I feel like that’s the core of it. Living for something bigger than yourself. Living for myself can be limited to my job, I love my job but living for something bigger than myself involves people, circumstances that attach a bigger goal and perspective to the job, or duty.

Passion Fruit: You have busy schedules & tight routines, how supportive is your family?

Alexandre Morfaw: In 12months, I got just a month with family and I make the most of it.

Passion Fruit: Is that enough?

Alexandre Morfaw: Yeah.

Passion Fruit: We are in an age where most are deluded from their call or gifts. Your job has probably put you in fixes like that. What advice will you give to the younger generation?

Alexandre Morfaw: Respect the process

Passion Fruit: Thank You so much, Mr Alex. Any last words?

Alexandre Morfaw: Paint your dream and be loyal

Passion Fruit: whoof! Nothing better than a chat with you. We hope to see you again *hugs*

Alexandre Morfaw: Most definitely! And before i leave, i will love to commend you, Passion Fruit. Your professionalism and how you distinctively put me a l’aise says alot about your personality and platform. I attended alot of interviews but never let out as much information as this. Keep up the good work and see you at the top.

Passion Fruit: *blushes scarlet red* You killed us! Thank You!! Plein d’amour!

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