So if you thought we are limited to the THIS, we decided to take you this time, to the THAT, the world of Fashion. Our interest in lifestyle & motivation led us to this pool of talent, a UK based clothing line, ONLY1NE brand. In this episode, Passion Fruit caught up with Nnamy, one of its co-founders and she let us in on everything you will want to know about fashion, branding, entrepreneurship, love & passion. See below:

Passion Fruit: Heyyy, How are you?

Nnamy: *giggles* I am doing really okay.

Passion Fruit: So we are a moving train, we shoot straight, no time for small talk *grins*,  Tell us;

And Just because there’s always a push or a motivating factor which usually ignites our passion, Please could you walk me through your journey? Every itsy-bitsy detail of it, will you?!

Nnamy: There was a time I would make an invisible patrol on social media and at a given moment I started noticing trends – girls with light skin, long hair, under size 6s, curvy is tolerated but not over size 12, men with chocolate bars, 6ft 4 inches tall – defined “beauty”, which is true except it did not include everyone is beautiful regardless. Due to this, so many people are pressured to live a fraud against their reality. And something in me just did not think that was right or even true. So many people are losing themselves and their identity. It got to a point I thought I should do something about it. So the Only One concept was born from cumulative events and experiences gathered especially from the social media platforms. We kind of shared the same view, myself and my partner, Herman; so yes we got into a partnership; and we wanted to do something for everyone; slim, thick, tall, short, black, white – it is a global concept with the main goal being to inspire people to develop love for their true authentic selves.

Passion Fruit: Now looking at the present, I see your brand growing rapidly. You started off early this year, and you have almost 16thousand followers! That is awesome! Congratulations. But those are social media statistics. How is business itself? Does the social media buzz influence your business growth? You know what I am talking about – money moves here!! “dances”

Nnamy: *laughs* We started off on 2nd of February, this year, and we were in the middle of winter. The season inspired our Hoodie line which was convenient at that time. With the advent of summer, we are working on releasing another collection, summer-themed. Our models are shooting and we will be launching any time from now. So yeah, It’s been a progressive growth, though we met our peek at the beginning and business seems slower now. But we bet we are picking up again with our summer launch, it has a touch of my culture … so exciting, It will be flossy, you will see!

Passion Fruit: I tell you what, Passion fruit is a lifestyle and motivational blog, with a goal of promoting humanity, awakening the concept of individuality alongside enhancing the idea we all have a gift which is waiting to be harnessed; targeting youths, adults, old people and of all race and sex. We believe we should only stop dreaming after going 6ft beneath the ground… We are acclaimed AFRICANS but we acknowledge our existence as Global Citizens. How do you perceive our perspective?

Nnamy: *gasps* I feel like this is my choice question today seeing how sensitive I am as an individual as well as a business or let me say co – brand owner. Contrary to the norm, I think our drive comes mostly from a place of passion and empathy for people over how much profits we make. We want to see a world which accepts a no-make up selfie on snap chat without letting out a boo, a world which tolerates saggy pants and sweatshirts on regular days, a world which will let me do my interview in my PJ as I am doing right now! *winks*. So yes, we are in sync with Passion Fruit!

Passion Fruit: *looking closely in shock* omg, almost missed that! Then girl, I think you found yourself a homie! *tosses fingers in the air*.

So we are curious, where do you come from? Talk a little bit about your family… How do they feel about you branding in between school?

Nnamy: Proudly Wakandan Cameroonian, based in England. I have two little sisters,  & they are with mum and dad in Basingstoke. My family is truly supportive and proud of me. My kid sisters who are hardly in their teens will literally share pictures with friends, being aware they are not old enough to purchase, my parents share my web link with friends. They are my support system. I just got done with basic schooling, so they don’t mind.

Passion Fruit: *coughs* so now your age, I hear it is impolite to ask that of a lady, but we will like to pass the shot…

Nnamy: *smiles* mumbles!

Passion Fruit: Whoop! That young, owning a clothing line! We are birthing a new generation of Kylie Jenners! Seeing your enthusiasm, what advice will you give a young aspiring designer? Both home and abroad?

Nnamy: Do what they are doing with Love and Passion. I must admit, it gets overwhelming sometimes and you feel like giving up, but these two will be your most motivation. My experience, I am working on my thesis and my business, both at the same time. But I told myself, it’s either all of them or none. I have to live my dream and I have to get my degree. Be innovative, Be consistent. Forget profits. Those are key.

Passion Fruit: Oh wow! You have been very informative. Any last words?

Nnamy: YES! So though I have found market within the UK, Europe and Asia, my biggest dream is having a home foundation. I want my own people to benefit from my collections more than anything. I want to go home, open Only 1ne shops, work with my own, feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment with them. Working on it, it may take some time but soon, Cameroon, I will be with you.

Passion Fruit: Awww…Didn’t we love having you with us?! Thank you and we hope to see more of You!

OnlyIne summer collection has been launched! Go get affordably classy!

For assorted hoodies plus flexible and fabulous summer wears, click on link below:


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