Never Work A Willing Horse To Death

So THEY are put in a castle. In it they are given what SEEMS like land to cultivate, animals to rear, iron banks for money supply, kings to rule… what SEEMS. And then after many years, they hear nothing, they see nothing. The lands are good enough but everything it produces is seized from their grasp. Then every other thing seems to fade away. The banks for wealth turn effigies and are non-existent, their hallways develop potholes, its candles are burnt out. And they that had been satisfied with this little they were accustomed to, which seemingly had been re – taken, discover even that little was not enough, never enough.

“Never work a willing horse to death”

They rush towards the Iron Gate but hold back, it is iron, how do we let it loose, how do we free ourselves? They return to the hall but this process continues for a while. And they keep watching from a distance in despair. Then the little lad, brave, strong, confident this day goes further and then further and then he stands before this gate reaches out and touches those wires and Behold… what happens shocks the crowd, it all comes crumbling – Not Iron – Straw nothing but Straw and it blew away.

And the rest of the people knew what to do. There was no holding back. No attempt to fit them in was possible, they were scattered and wild and were ready to get what was theirs.

As my vision cleared out, I was convinced most of the times what we see, is not what is.  Whatever we want we can get, whether we stand firm as individuals or as a group or as a community. Those limitations, barriers and threats are mere straw wires. Most of the times what we want is what we deserve and what we deserve is what we invested in, and what we invested in is what we LOVE. And there Is no greater force than… LOVE.



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