OVE is more than a feeling…Now back to our conventional LOVE. Hmmmm… can I say suuumthing? First, she spoke about something as unconventional as LUST, now she bespoke LOVE?

Yass! Because when we twirl around our uncertainties, our lust, our confusions, our insecurities, our imperfections, our restlessness…We finally meet a savior, our TRUTH and what better truth there be than LOVE. LOVE is patient, LOVE is KIND…LOVE is WHERE PEACE is.

My Butterfly
The feelings I demand from you has such beauty and radiant colours. It defies gravity; yet it is tender, soft, sensitive & gentle. I call you my butterfly, I know it is difficult to catch a butterfly. The only chance I got keeping you closer to me is building a beautiful garden. With flowers so irresistibly magical and enchanting. I promise to wet them every day with my love so it glows right into your thick skin while I pray and hope you blossom. And just that one day, I see you resting in my palms, a place you will lean in forever..

‘HIM’ for ME & YOU.


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