She wore fine clothes of haute couture?? – But we are in A generation of Kardashians, that shouldn’t count anymore!
You say She was fun-loving, free & exuberant? And you say AY Comedian or Trevor Noah don’t still kill her vibe?
What made her STAND OUT? – ALL OF THAT, but MORE, when the greatest gifts she carried came from the Heart- COMPASSION, LOVE, EMPATHY for mankind. Here, she marked ROYALTY, never to be forgotten by all kind!”

LADY DIANA for Passion Fruit.

It is my glorious eve today, another candle to be blown. And amongst the many things I have being asking for – I sure can beg – while making my secret wishes, I asked this; LORD make me the QUEEN!


And then standing there, I was silent again. For a moment, I let myself linger longer in the spiritual realm. I slowly drifted back to the past years, and I reflected on those times I thought I was a QUEEN, how that market pass?? And I mean those times when I won, and was proud! But those days, those days happened but passed so quick too, & were forgotten. Those times when i won over an argument, my small mind could burst with pride cause I was winning, thus Queening. All those times I got the material things I wanted, those shoes, those bags, those clothes, Bestie & Biggie did a great job getting me, Queening, baby! I remember the day I danced so hardddd at Jupiter NightClub and the DJ called me up to get my name. The whole night I was on the beat….I slayed Jupie that night – QUEEN (i was 18, guys, don’t go hard on me). All these High Profile Persons I meet because circumstances permit me meet them, and then I tell myself; don’t this feel like QUEENING*as I flip my hair*. Today I am the only girl amongst four boys & yesss, i damn sure feel like a QUEEN, I recently discovered how entitled that has made me ! And then there’s the body & the pretty face – now I involve you all – and then there’s the culinary skills, and then maybe it’s your level of commitment in church or at work, or the times you put on a good disposition for the gram and people, while loathing on the inside; A Queen or King to the world yet a “peasant” inside. Some days, it’s your educational portfolio or your impressive Linked In profile, and maybe it’s those places you’ve been to … people applaud you!!! who relates?? Yes, you,okay you too, ohhh you too on the other side!

But yes, we get use to our status quo. We are living up to what is expected of us, the world sees us Queening. Some forget, some remember, some…. and so to stay relevant we exert energy, and we give in to the pressure involved…

I thought to myself that kind of stress has never suited me. The truth is the reverse has always worked for me, a strange woman I am. I think my physical has carried less of the good on the inside. You know how it is, they tell you the world is a dangerous place, you need to protect yourself. Sometimes we borrow “WRONG” to act as our shield in a pIace that mostly validates “WRONG” as Right, but today MY WATCH IS OVER.

As much I have lived in my own big-small degree of Queening moments, believe me, that too is beautiful; every year brought a new and better definition to it. Then this age, this next age though, said it was time to change the whole game again; It was time to be All of me, to properly FIT the crown on my head and FIX the crown on my heart. And then standing right there He answered me: RESPECT, HUMILITY, GRATITUDE, SERVICE – the key components of LOVE!

To RESPECT people not because they respect me but because I am a respectable person, to be HUMBLE because everything I have or have achieved was given me by God and His provisions in the form of persons, GRATITUDE not because of where I am but how far I have come, SERVE not because I have something or anything at all, but because I have as duty the need to manifest in my purpose for the people…

This sunk so deep, and the peace and Joy it brought assured me I was at the brink of becoming The QUEEN of my world!
Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birth DAy to You too, as we revolutionize into the real QUEENS and KINGS that we are, my Passion Lovers.


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