See we gossip a lot…

As I dipped my finger into the cracked half of my Adam Fruit and licked off the juice.. I got a sour pang from its sweetness.

And it reminded me of some Ol’ Sour Days.. Heyy

And to you who’s going through that type of day, know this – there is some sweetness beneath. And here’s to some more beauty in it: EVERYONE knows such days, regardless of who they are – Hollywood sensation or your Spiritual Guide or your Instagram idol (We are All Basic).

You wake up to a bleak day, no particular motivation. Your back aches, your eyes are sore, the only thing that keeps you moving and from sleeping in, is the need to survive – those people depending on you or just you depending on you. But eventually i discovered a trick that made my days worthwhile and just made me live out for something more than just survival and it worked almost all the times:

“Fellowshipping with your inner spirit and Your Supreme Being!!”

It’s hard to push that taunting sad feeling away. You want to escape but you feel trapped inside your skin.

But today I will love to tell you, same way that I found my resolution, so can you. Instead of trying to find an escape, I decided to face my demons.

My first step:

Why do I feel this way? Is it because of what A said or what they did still lingering in my subconscious mind? Is it simply fatigue or these accumulating responsibilities or just loneliness that nobody else seems to see or notice or even understand because i seem to have it all together – my love life seems to be on fleek, my job is stable, my finances are stable, my friendships are ‘superficially’ booming – but Mr Lonely & Empty Spirit is low key tickling me all over? Is it just financial obligations or my landlady on her constant nag for utility bills and due rents? Was my budget so tight I had to forgo tithes, Or is it just those circumstances sometimes and severally, where “no reason” could turn out to be the actual reason?


Seek your Divine Superior!  In my case, I talk to God because He is my Divine Superior, my Most Prestigious Choice. I began by creating a relationship with him. And just like all natural relationships are uniquely designed, in same way did I pave and create my Supernatural Relationship with My GOD – Not defined by any principles or guidelines, just Special and Raw to the core and kept together in profound Respect and Honor of who is HE.

See God is my G. We talk face to face, eye to eye, well not like literally. We talk all times of the day, so if you see me talking and laughing alone, that must be with God, just leave me alone! yeah, when I am praying I consciously set myself up in a trance. I pretend standing before me, is this Old, Kind, Long-Bearded, Most Peaceful, Most Caring image of a person. And we just roll, and I tell HIM everything. From the name of the gel polish I need to use next I save enough for manicure, to the guy that tried a pass on me, to what significant thing Jon Snow did, that I thought could help the world if they saw it my way, and I just tell on everyone even myself, I will be like: you know that your son ‘this’, or that your daughter ‘that’, did this thing today…See we gossip a lot…

Well, so i communicated I couldn’t properly contact Him when facing those wicked days mostly because the negative signals keep dominating. So together we figured out a way and I settled on a simple whisper:

“Please Take Me out of this, Daddy!!”

And I repeat “Please” for as many times as I can, while you practise tightening up and staying still. Usually the negative will prompt either your mouth or feet or hands to make a move, and 99.1% of the time, the aftermath is never pleasing to you or those around you.

Blink of an eye reaction …Never. These disagreeable feelings hover a little longer and at a time when I least expect, my spirit turns up, always better than ever before!

Hard to explain but it has been my best recovery route for some time now; a pretty recent discovery, my antidote every other day.

I thought I share it with you. So if today is that sour day, find your sweet beneath. Communicate with your Supreme Being and together awaken that good stuff that chose to be still.

Sweet is our everyday Goal here, My Passionistas!


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