Let the Heavens determine your next move or step

Did I say You? Yes who? Yes We? Okay enough of the YouWhoWe and let’s handle this business. We better stop stepping in on our running wheel and let it spin properly. But isn’t it hard sometimes?! Sometimes the rotation seems so discouragingly slow that you attempt to fit your fingers and speed it up because you blame the spokes. Sometimes you want to reach out and apply oil on its edges because you assume the spokes are rusty and are slowing your process. Keep calm I tell you. Leave those wires ALONE because each attempt at spurring things up, reduces its capacity to move.

You keep sending your fingers in and taking them out for fear of it ending up in shreds. Then you send a spike and in it’s efforts to fix things, it rather lets out the stuff-in or the air out from the rubber supporting the rim. A disastrous result – then we have to start afresh from the mister, zero. The rubber turns as flat and weak as a rubber band leaving your wheel motionless. 

You know what a band is – It has no strength or weight. A band takes its form only when fitted on a wrist accordingly. But in its true nature has no shape. It can be twisted, pulled, cut off…

Leave your destiny alone. Let your circle operate as it is. Let the Heavens determine your next move or step. Let your seasons play out in your Journey. But ahhh, its easier said than done. Most of the times we have this voice telling us we should take charge even when our senses hint we let things move at their pace. We are always frantic. We crave for change every now and then .

Soon we are signing a new business deal we did not think of properly, soon we are taking a trip we did not properly budget for, soon we are buying this new car or new clothes our credit card cannot support, soon we are stuck in this relationship we rushed, soon we are making decisions in a whole that we cannot deal with…

We are all guilty as charged. Even when we are circling in summer, we crave change and we are never ready for the next thing, then comes winter and we want to abscond into some hidden cave.. But I learnt whether we face our seasons or force them, we cannot run away from our seasonal outcomes… not forever. Run to Kilimanjaro and that season will find you there.

So dear people face your seasons, the difficult times never last long, the good times too come and go but master the gifts of Patience, Faith, Peace, Happiness, Meditation, Reliance On the Supreme and you will resonate into a place of victory..

Do not let air out of your wheel so it softens its leather or rubber –

No Rubber Band Destinies, my Passionistas.

The Key phrase is say NO to RubberBand Destinies.


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