I painted walls so bright to give it life, I fitted craft and flowers so fine to give it style, I acted different to give it class, I gave it all that but its surrounding still was what it was, sloppy, slippery, “hoody”.

And I looked at it and smiled: “You are my beginning, you are my story.” And I accepted what it was.

THIS PLACE WHERE WE ARE – (My Neighbourhood Chronicles)

You stay woke early ams because nebi small quarrel dey outside, constant chaos, the provision corner shop finally shuts down because the whole neighbourhood borrowed pap and eggs, and crippled it to the ground, there’s always a stand-out bully boy or girl, man or woman who deliberates over all gossip cases, and who may have initiated or participated but no one dares call them out…hmmmmm… I say I relate…

On Rainy Days I skipped on stones to lift off water, and then the only thing that kept me only half wet was the Rainbow cycle cover laying above my head. That, was kind to me, but the wind and breeze were not loyal.

And I tried to tell the world and they wouldn’t see it. That what they saw was half of it. Sometimes I wonder if the Creator wanted it that way, but I know He wanted it this way too. And when I took a return home after hard day regular work, I knew it – from that side I originally be, to this side I walk through, evenings – with green fields, and fine décor – lays my future, Give it time, I tell myself.

And then other success stories I was living and watching display, stroke me to a Greater Belief, God works it out:

I watched her tell on screen she had 700 dollars and a baby boy, I watched him come back home unashamed to identify though in a period of only four years he did rise from slum and shackles to be suffocated in chinese YUAN.

The pretense delays, the runaways delay, the unbelievers delay, But the Realist though hard it may be, prevail.

And from it was everything born of me – character, self-esteem, confidence, diligence, determination, Focus, Success…

The Power Of My Humble Beginnings…


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