“Cause love is more than a feeling; It is a touch BUT…What is a touch”

Song: Beyonce featuring Passionista

So if I tell you I knew them all and their story, what would you think of me? All of Them? Ok! Not all, but almost them all. I thought of writing about you all individually, but there’s just too much to say…

As I listen to the music and its strings, all I can think of is: these persons needed something, they were bold enough to soar, and here they are with what they sought.

I look further and I see situations, circumstances, a little touch of pain, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, patience, kindness, happiness, joy, strength and … PEACE.

I see an entrepreneur, I see a Social Care Officer, I see a Football Manager and then a Legend, I see a Senior IT Engineer , I see a Teacher, I see Hustlers, i see Artists, I see all of you, through you and Yes, I can tell your story. I see you wives, I see you lovers, I see you girlfriends, I see YOU, and I see LOVE …

I see diversity, people from different areas of the world – AFRICA – ASIA – AMERICA – EUROPE…bound by one FORCE…

Thank you for living through and inspiring us to be of better look in our search for what is REAL..

Thank You to all who featured!



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