you done with your filth! And if you try me, I will press in harder!!

The Antics

You ever asked yourself “is this a joke” severally?? I constantly find myself in dens like this; usually in contradicting circumstances or events. But today I am going to concentrate on the filthy side of it. Life plays nasty jokes on us, I cannot lie. I have stumbled and in that puddle, I kept repeating: is this a joke? When I lost those precious people and I was knocked to the naked ground; was that even a joke? Or my usual financial hardships but there I stand facing the needs of loved ones and from that raggedy end, I shout out: stop the jokes, okay??

Hmmm hmmm hmmm. As long as we live, the “is this a joke” moments will keep recurring. We’ve all witnessed the pranks the universe constantly throws our way. And it doesn’t really stop, does it? It comes from every direction sometimes, gets us to bend the knee, and then its punches can come on you like a Mayweather and get you flat on your back.

The Balls

Bruva, seester do not lay there asking if it’s a joke, gain strength, don’t let them throw in the towel. Be the Rocky of your life. Wake up and Get the hell back at Life! I know what the Bible says, oh yeah but don’t go taking it too personal, you know –  If you see Life coming at your cheek, give him a hard mind-blowing punch on his face, take him to the damn ground! Grab him by the balls and tell him:

you done with your filth! And if you try me, I will press in harder!!

So what do you say? That you think I can’t tweak this bitter script you serve me into my bittersweet telenovela ending? So you say I cannot have this unscrupulous event unravel into my cliffhanger?! 

Watch the space, life!!

And then Your “this is a joke” transforms into unending grins and starry eyes. Just a portrait of how it is when you gain control over life and its antics – the Hostile Takeover!!

And that was me when I squeezed those balls and took control!!

And the journey begun – and even when the miles multiple a 50, I now know what will happen at the end!

In what space has life thrown you now? On your knees, on your back… Squeeze those balls and get on that other side… Our Creator waits at the other end. You passed the test, You won!

Yes, Passion Lovers, We won!!


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