I bought a new house, I swept it clean, I bought some furniture, I chose my colours, I did my does and made it my home, our home.

We all love new stuff. Who doesn’t? New bags, clothes, shoes… I personally adore.

But this was different and SPECIAL and … DIVINE. When this place was born, because on that day my emotions were almost as strong as that of a new birth, I was elated. But my elation turned to confusion when it came to putting down my first blog content. I pinched myself countlessly and blinked my eyelids severally to no avail. Suddenly Passion seized me..

And I remembered what had happened. I had created a home, my home..

“Home”, it’s your sanctuary. Your resting place, a place eluded of fear or rejection. A place where you could completely be yourself, completely express yourself, a place for transparency, a place where you could completely give your all, do the does and does the did.

And just as I had created a home on space, I knew we could all do this and further more – create a home in our houses, a home in our minds, a home in our careers, a home in our businesses, a home in our friendships, a home in our relationships, a home in our faith, a home in our spirituality, a home in our families, a home in our hearts and a home in our homes.

Nothing could better symbolize the beginning of our Passion Fruit Journey like the concept of home creation. We today vouch to acquire new houses by all virtues of homes stated above, sweep it clean, beautify it, and make it accommodative…

Get Readddyyyy, My Passionistas!!!


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