We ALWAYS go and we come back, bigger, badder and better! This week, we met up with this vivacious, gracious and engaging Lady, BARBARA MBU FOMBAN, based in the United Emirates, who recently surprised us with her exquisite perfume line. In the same way, her spontaneity continues to pursue right into this amazing interview with this upcoming Power House. See below on all she discloses on her drive, her family, her struggles and her double wins:

Passion Fruit: See who we got here!

BarbieMash: Thanks for having me.

Passion Fruit: We not the one’s for lil talk. But this is it, you took us by surprise when you emerged with your perfume line. For how long has this been going on?

BarbieMash: 3months now!

Passion Fruit: What is it about fragrance? Why choose to drop a little sea of perfumed liquid?

Barbie Mash: Permit me to use the word passion…I grew up seeing my sisters looking good, smelling good… so picked up that part from them.  

Passion Fruit: We just called perfume, liquid. And yeah it is. I want to assume anything that cleanses comes in liquid form – eye drops stop eye itches, water cleanses the body, and the sea on its own, cleanses the soul… that would be our definition. What about BARBIEMASH ESSENCE? What does it mean to you physically and then the deeper meaning, our vocabulary, spiritually?

Barbie Mash: As the word “Essence” goes, it’s a reflection of who I am and a reflection of my values as a whole. The scent is classy, divine and long lasting. I’ve been so anxious to passionately put out the best of my product to the public. It takes alot of work and I always put in my best.

Passion Fruit: We knew you as Barbara, now Barbie. Barbie – is it an “anecdote” of your transition from regular to Business Woman?


BarbieMash: Yessss *smiles sheepishly*I’ll say Barbiemash not only Barbie.. “Mash” was gotten from “Masah”,  my last name.It embodies alot of my upcoming projects I got in mind. I am working on projects like – theBarbiemash Beauty Centre and other related products.

Passion Fruit: How does it feel like putting on those shoes, I mean, the entrepreneurial?

BarbieMash: It’s very demanding. You have to deliver as you put out your products. But I love it as Dan Lok, one of my role models on entrepreneurship will have it said: ” IT’S WHO WE ARE…!”

Passion Fruit: Where did and still does your motivation come from?

BarbieMash: Wow…motivated by alot of things. First my family really and truly motivate me to be a better version of myself.

Passion Fruit: That is a blessing for sure!

You’ve lived out of your motherland for some time now; the United Emirates was the first home out of home, and you have travelled quite some. They say travelling is the beginning of new knowledge. Which place had the most effect on you, and what did it do that influenced your today’s move?

BarbieMash: China and Vietnam I guess, did alot of work on me. Visiting China made me want to be more diversified and eager to create more products and be more creative while Vietnam pushed me into hardwork and gave me the great urgeto be a better version of myself as an entrepreneur…

Passion Fruit: As a Cameroonian, as an African, you are emerging. But we know we do not emerge alone. What changes do you think we could implement to enhance commerce in our community? If you had the opportunity, what would you change?

BarbieMash: I will literary change the way people view Africans and especially how we, Cameroonians, see our motherland. I will start by investing and encouraging others to do same in our communities; by eventually creating jobs and opportunities to acquire and enjoy high level facilities equivalent to those abroad. Further create awareness to health and happy life style. You must not be super rich and be a celebrity to attain happiness or the good life.

Passion Fruit: We are proud of you, Barbie. Seeing you bask in your own production, taking this massive leap. We know the process is always challenging. Can you share with us the blood, sweat and fears before the birth of BARBIEMASH ESSENCE?

BarbieMash: Yeah it’s been challenging…Having sleepless nights on what’s going to be on the next level. They say if it doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then you shouldn’t do it…I put in a lot of time and efforts on how I wanted it to reflect me as a whole but am happy the challenges that came made me better on my next level as I emerge.

Passion Fruit: At same time, we know there were the pros which encouraged the historic occasion. We are listening.

BarbieMash: Yes my family will come first. My Husband and siblings have been very supportive. I have some amazing friends whose words of encouragement kept me going.

Passion Fruit: A mompreneur…what’s the order – Boss, Family, God or …?

BarbieMash: Oh God first!*smiles*. God is my main source of strength and everything. My LIFE, MY BEING. Family, second- I simply love and adore my family. Then Boss.

Passion Fruit: What should we be expecting from you henceforth Or rather, what would you be expecting from us, your public?

BarbieMash: I will be launching new fragrances and improving a lot on my products. I will be expecting the public to consume more of Barbiemash Essence as I change and evolve according to seasons.

Passion Fruit: Thank You for having us Barbs. We wish you the best with all your future ventures.

BarbieMash: Thanks for having me Passion Fruit, I appreciate.

Thank Goodness it’s the festive period! Gift yourselves and your loved ones this Christmas by reaching out on:

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