So as I sucked in a seed from our fruit today, ahhhhhh… I tasted Men! 

I Love Men!! 

I love kissing men; true talk, I love hugging them; ehein, I love their money… Hehehe, I love their pampering; forever will. I love their chasing; I nor fit lie. I love talking to men, I love men’s company, I love loving them. So yes, me and men are close like that, I love them.

Some months ago I couldn’t truly admit it as it is because I confused admitting I loved men meant I was admitting I was a slave to men. But today my Passion Journey permits me to share my thoughts with you. Because you too can cast away your fears of admitting, if you realise, God made a man evenly HUMAN as a woman. So no shortcoming will be graded a man thing, it simply will be a human thing. If a man lacks those beautiful manly attributes, this is not because he is man, this is because he is as human as any other flawed human being.

Sometimes we are too bothered with men’s flaws that we miss those of our contemporaries (in this case, the female sex). Take a moment to reflect on it, our disappointments in life have involved all sexes. And if Sex A disappointed you in their way of functioning and you did not label them, then I guess your angry and disappointed mind linked their flaw/s to this natural world in which we all exist. Therefore Sex B should be awarded same luxury… they shouldn’t be labeled or accused of acting out in a particular manner due to particular reasons.

In a nutshell, all I’v been trying to profess is, in all our sexes we are prone to different expectations and different disappointments and failures. Nobody wants to be failed or disappointed but just as life happens and that occurs, every one of us will be accountable in same pedigree no one different than the other.

I Deny to Label Men.

At the same time I do not deny our differences in roles and characters and responsibilities and values. These are realities that cannot be set aside.

But that man who failed in his duty because he did not provide for his home, OR

That abusive, egocentric, ego maniac OR

That Lazy bloke who slept all day and let you run the home OR

That relative or person who over-powered you and took advantage of you OR

That man who was absent in your childhood OR

That man who stole the love of your mum away OR

That man who left you… did not do it because he is a MAN, he did THAT or THOSE because he is a “HUMAN MAN”.

The man world wasn’t designed to be a BAD ONE by No one. Therefore I stick to its originality. I deny to cling to its litters & loopholes for assessment and conclusions.

In my world a man is not a Dog but a Flawed Human. And do not let us be deceived.. If you love your Daddy, you are a man lover, if you love your son, you love thy men, if you love your preacher, Yes you love men, if you ever dreamt of a man, you love men, and if you are in a love relationship with a man, you DEFINITELY are a man-eater – kinda-sortaAnd there is nothing wrong with that!

Love them, keep loving them, and plan to love them and dream of loving them. Remember LOVE is our weapon here.

LOVE, Passionistas!


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